martes, 17 de julio de 2007

Brother, sister_Poema de Lia Karavia

Fotografía: Lia Hadzopoulou Karavia (Greece)

Brother, sister

Brother, sister,
under my skin and its colour
there are veins just like yours
inside the skull, under my hair
kinky or sleek, dark or fair
there is my brain with its memories --
grandparents gone and parents aging
just as yours
in my chest there beats a yearning heart
full of love for our little ones
full of pain for the orphaned
in my body the vital organs are like yours
no matter where on our Planet
thirst is thirst
hunger is hunger and fire is fire
earthquakes are horror of course
but there is horror more horrid
brother, sister.
Yes! Hatred and War.
I am stretching out to you
from my corner on this our Earth
I recruit myself as your fellow warrior
as your comrade in every fair struggle
because Creation exists for us all
strong, weak, male, female, short or tall
each one of us infinitesimal and humble
yet omnipotent if standing all together
joining hands from past and present
recruiting sons and daughter
seven descendants from the future.
I love and I respect your country
and please respect my faith or lack of faith,
I honour equally the dead and living
always alive in my heart, in our hearts,
brother Mohandas, sister Joan Baez
brethren of Greenpeace
sister Indira Gandhi, brother Nelson Mandela
Olof Palme, Salvador Allende
mother Teresa, brother Martin Luther
Kingand you, the Unknown Soldier of Peace on Earth.
©Lia (Hadzopoulou ) Karavia (Greece)
July 17, 2007
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ángel dijo...

Ha sido un gustazo descubrir por azar navegante este espacio que te agradezco, al igual que este poema griego.